About Us

Gemini Gymnastics Philosophy
Our gymnastics program offers not only quality instruction but also an atmosphere that allows your child to grow socially. Athletes gain the skills needed to compete, but all emphasis is not placed on winning. Gymnasts are encouraged to build bonds with their teammates and competitors that can last a lifetime. Striving to develop a strong work ethic and increased self image by training in an environment containing both discipline and trust.

pose4Executive Summary
Gemini Gymnastic is an LLC startup company, serving the youth community in the Berkshires and Southern Vermont areas.  With the highest level of integrity, experience and professionalism possible, the staff will focus on building strength, confidence, respect, leadership and trust in each individual student.  Gemini Gymnastics’ goal is to provide a safe place and friendly environment for our youth’s community to go after school and teach them skills that will help them throughout their lives. It is a facility designed with state of the art equipment needed to educate the students through the sport of gymnastics by teaching them the proper skill progression through the various levels of gymnastics, whether it is recreational or competitive, following the USA Gymnastics guidelines. They will also learn how to work together as a team, to have good sportsmanship towards their teammates and peers, and to be respectful to themselves and others.

Each student is evaluated to determine his or her skill level to ensure proper placement. Using core elements of gymnastics, body conditioning and flexibility training, each student will progress up the skill ladder. Our creative teaching style will set us apart from our competitors, through repetition and variations. With the help of athletic trainers who evaluate each student, they will develop a program to improve each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.  Gemini Gymnastics believes that if a student is having fun, enjoying what he or she is doing, and being able to participate in the choreography of their routines, then their ability to learn will greatly increase.  While students are participating in class, parents will have the opportunity to observe classes safely through the windows that are spread throughout the waiting area.

amy_garner_lowres_crop2Owner, Amy Garner has 35 years of experience in the gymnastics field.  As a former competitive gymnast, she understands the students as well as the parents’ wants and needs to succeed in the gymnastics program.  As a coach, Amy knows that staying up to date with the newest skills, coaching trends, and the latest techniques will help her students achieve their goals. Along with effective communication and organizational skills, a strong work ethic, being a positive motivator, patience and understanding, having approachable and caring qualities, is what makes her stand out from the other coaches.  She understands how children learn best from their mistakes and helps them through it.

Gymnastics Instruction