GG Staff

Meet the Staff

Amy Garner: Owner/Director/Head Coach · all classes

  • USA Gymnastics National  Safety Certified
  • Movement Education & Lesson Plan Development Certified
  • Kinder Accreditation for Teachers Certified
  • Meet Director Certified


Diana Bump: Administrative Director

Michelle Briggs: Assistant Coach · all classes

  • Involved with gymnastics for 12 years as a student and assistant instructor
  • Various competition awards
  • Jr. Olympics medal winner 2006 & 2008

MCLA: Athletic Trainer

Pictured: Diana and Amy

Join Our Staff!

If you would be interested in becoming a part of our staff we’d love to hear from you! Classes are full to overflowing and we are in need of coaches. If you have gymnastics experience, love working with children and would like to join us, please stop by the gym, email or call us (413) 664-9000 and we’ll be happy to meet with you.

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