Rules & Regulations

Welcome to Gemini Gymnastics. It is an honor and a pleasure having you join our team. Please review the following rules and regulations carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dress Code
  • No jewelry of any type can be worn.
  • Hair must be tied away from the face at all times.
  • No shoes are allowed on the gym floor. Bare feet or gymnastics shoes (i.e., beam shoes) are recommended. Socks and tights are unsafe in the gym because they are slippery on the apparatus/equipment, mats, and hard floors, therefore they are not allowed.
  • Girls attire: Gymnastics leotard or biketards only. No skirted or dance leotards, buckles, belts, or zippers. Fitted shorts or pants may be worn during warmups. (Gymnasts may be asked by the coach/instructor to take them off during equipment time.)
  • Boys attire: T-shirt tucked into shorts or pants that are not too baggy. No buckles, belts or zippers.

Prior To Class
  • Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early for class. It is highly recommended that all students be escorted by an adult crossing the street to and from Gemini Gymnastics.
  • Arriving early will allow students to prepare for class by making sure they are in proper attire and ready to go. Students should wait for the coach/instructor to escort the athletes into the gym.
  • Please take your child to the bathroom BEFORE class! If they have to use the restrooms during class, they should notify their coach/instructor. No athlete can just leave the gym without permission from the coach/instructor. Parents of the Munchkins & Me, Preschool, and Kindernastics Classes should accompany their child to the restroom.
  • Parents should talk to their child about staying in line/stations, focusing on their skills/drills, listening carefully to the coach/instructor, and refraining from any talking or horseplay while in class.
  • All parents/siblings/guests should remain in the observation area and not enter the main gym. While waiting, please do not block any of the doors to the gym for safety precautions. When exiting from the gym after class, the center doors to the gym will be used, to smooth transition between classes as the next class enters from the restroom side door to the gym.
  • No food or drink in the gym area. Please keep all food and drink in the observation area. It is strongly recommended that all athletes bring a bottle of water with them to class to use during their water breaks. Water is available for purchase in the administration office for $1.00.

During Class Time
  • Be prepared to participate · physically and mentally. Warm-up properly. Let your coach/instructor know of any potential problems, such as injuries, sickness, or fatigue.
  • Be supervised · there must be a coach/instructor present for students to be on the equipment.
  • Only one person should be on the equipment at a time unless otherwise stated by the coach/instructor.
  • Absolutely NO HORSEPLAY or running around on the equipment or in the gym unless otherwise stated by the coach/instructor.
  • Make sure to look around before you cross in front of other groups/equipment.
  • Communicate clearly with the coach/instructor.
  • Use proper skill progressions, master basic skills first before progressing to more difficult skills.
  • Know the skills you are performing.
  • Commit to the entire skill and follow-through.
  • Know your personal limitations · do not attempt skills you are not capable of performing beyond your skill level. Do not fall victim to peer pressure.
  • Use proper landing technique and safety rolls when falling.

Code of Conduct
  • All participants at Gemini Gymnastics are expected to maintain high standards of moral and ethical conduct that includes self-control and responsible behavior. Both athletes and parents must display courtesy and good manners and consider the physical and emotional well being of others by treating everyone with respect.
  • No bad behavior, disrespect of others and/or their property, or abuse of the equipment and/or the facility will be tolerated. Be respectful to yourself, others, and the facility. Remember: Gemini Gymnastics’ goal is to provide a safe place and a friendly environment for our youth’s community.
  • No swearing, use of abusive language or display disruptive behavior, including behavior that is dangerous to yourself or others, including acts of violence, harassment, and physical or sexual abuse is not tolerated in the gym.
  • Criticizing other gymnasts is not tolerated. Support fellow gymnasts to do their best. Show good sportsmanship towards your teammates and peers. Celebrate everyone’s success.
  • Encourage yourself and others to build bonds with fellow teammates and competitors.
  • Work together as a team
  • Strive to develop a strong work ethic by increasing self-image with training in an environment containing both discipline and trust.
  • Children misbehaving, creating a distraction, or being a risk to other students will be asked to sit out. Three times in a session and their parents will be contacted, if misbehavior continues, you will be asked to withdraw your child from their class.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your experience here at GEMINI GYMNASTICS!!

Gymnastics Instruction